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Ranyah is a versatile and culturally diverse professional who profoundly understands Alchemy - transforming skills and crafts into prosperous business ventures. With an extensive background as a director in theatre, arts, cinema, and event management, she has demonstrated her multifaceted talents across various fields.

Her journey led her to become Head Art Director for Underbelly, a renowned comedy festival in Edinburgh, UK, which she successfully held for three consecutive years. During her tenure, she adeptly managed and organized over 144 shows per season, spanning 27 stages throughout the city. Within this role, Ranyah seized valuable opportunities, collaborating with esteemed bands like Snow Patrol and even securing a BAFTA award for her remarkable short film, "Station."

Following her time in Edinburgh, Ranyah embarked on a new chapter, moving to Cairo as a stepping stone back to her home country, Saudi Arabia. There, she became the head stylist for AL-Beat Magazine, the pioneering Architecture & Interior Design publication in the Arabic world. Simultaneously, she ventured into the emerging Arabian music video scene as a stylist for renowned music stars such as Rashid Al-Majid on his debut album.

Upon returning to Saudi Arabia, Ranyah established a highly successful eco-jewellery brand called Terra-Eclat, with stores in Riyadh and Jeddah. This marked her triumphant foray into creative entrepreneurship within her homeland.

By 2018, Ranyah's thirst for new challenges led her to answer the call from headhunters, who offered her the opportunity to manage a design eco-retreat in Ubud, Bali. During her time there, she delved into the art of curation and sustainable eco-architecture, further expanding her skill set.

Since returning to Saudi Arabia, Ranyah has freelanced as a Production Manager for the Saudi Style Council (SSC), supporting aspiring young Saudis in their dynamic and ever-evolving environment.

Among her notable accomplishments, Ranyah spearheaded the assembly of the first Saudi cast and crew for the SSC in NEOM, contributed to the concept and design of the women's museum in collaboration with Princess Noura University, and engaged in screenwriting for the Film Commission. She is Head Creative Director at Spector, overseeing all coverage and promotions for Riyadh Season 22/23.

Ranyah's current endeavours extend beyond her existing achievements. With a forward-thinking mindset, she actively embraces the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, MR (Mixed Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and interactive technologies into her latest ventures.

As the Head Creative Producer, she spearheads innovative projects that leverage these advancements. Ranyah collaborates closely with developers to infuse AI capabilities, creating immersive experiences that blur the boundaries between the virtual and physical realms. She strategically uses MR and VR technologies to design captivating environments that transport audiences into mesmerizing virtual worlds.

Furthermore, Ranyah explores the possibilities of AR, crafting interactive elements that seamlessly blend digital and real-world elements. By harnessing the potential of these technologies, she endeavours to redefine traditional storytelling and engage audiences on unprecedented levels.

Her visionary approach to incorporating AI, MR, VR, AR, and interactive technologies opens up exciting avenues for creating transformative experiences in entertainment, art, architecture, and beyond realms. Ranyah's collaboration with developers empowers her to push the boundaries of creativity and deliver projects that captivate and inspire audiences in profound ways.

Currently focusing on ART projects with internationa curators and local Artist to develope a saudi art langues identaity that is cutting edge but ground in tradition and cultuer.

Ranyah Seraj Curriculum Vitae

09/07/2023 Article in the Arab News:

Pastel Gradient



Eva Louise Williams is an exceptionally talented and accomplished creative director and strategist, boasting a remarkable career spanning over a decade. Her expertise is crafting innovative and captivating creative strategies encompassing various disciplines such as visual communication, branding, marketing, event management, and experience design.

From a young age, Eva's insatiable passion for the arts ignited her journey into the realms of photography, graphic design, and illustration. This passion was nurtured and refined through her academic pursuits in art history, architecture, and aesthetics at prestigious institutions like University College Utrecht in the Netherlands and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Complementing her vast knowledge, Eva further honed her graphic design, illustration, and design thinking skills at the esteemed Billy Blue College of Design. Additionally, she holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA), which adds a strategic dimension to her creative prowess.

Eva's approach to creative strategy is characterized by an exquisite blend of refined aesthetics and a systematic approach to the ever-evolving world of immersive creative experiences. Her ability to seamlessly weave together captivating visuals, compelling narratives, and cutting-edge technologies sets her apart as a true visionary in the industry.

Eva has made significant contributions as a consultant in her illustrious career, working on diverse projects. She has recently spearheaded the creative direction for Zaya's prestigious architectural and cultural undertakings in the United Arab Emirates. Her remarkable involvement includes overseeing the development of the region's first Waldorf Steiner School and playing a pivotal role in the latest World Islands project, ZUHA.

Eva's distinguished portfolio and unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries make her an invaluable asset to any project. Her expertise will elevate the visitor centre project to unprecedented heights, ensuring an extraordinary and immersive experience for all.

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